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Like all great travellers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen – Benjamin Disraeli

It is an amazing thing to travel. The people, the places, the food and the cultures. Anyone who thinks they know a place, isn’t looking hard enough.

I have always loved to travel and I started Time To Go… as a way of documenting, a diary if you like, my travels and experiences (good and bad!).

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‘You could just fly there…?’ our choice on routes for Mission Mongolia

27th June 2017

It takes as much effort as you can probably guess to form a route from the UK to Mongolia, especially when you consider my flippant decision to take on the ‘China Detour’ too.

Whenever you choose a road trip route, you always have multiple agendas whether you admit them or not. My agendas are culture, unusual sights and I want to experience every country in the world before my time is up (I know, I know, I am being ambitious)! I will happily admit these agendas as I think it shows who I am and why travelling gives me such a buzz.

I still have that adolescent thrill of doing what I am told cannot be done and I hope I never loose this trait (although it has landed me in hot water a few times!) I think the Mongolia drive shows some of this and especially the China section. If you are interested and want to find out more on the technical aspects of visas e.t.c. then see my Official Mission Mongolia post here:  http://www.avtrade.com/mission-mongolia/blog/06-03-2017/are-you-sure-you-want-to-do-this—our-experience-of-the-worlds-visas-and-permits/

Obviously, you can do a Google Maps search from London to Ulaanbaatar and it will show you a direct and, no-doubt, an awesome route – but this isn’t enough. If you are doing this, it should be done properly. I wanted to choose every road by hand!

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Mission Mongolia Route
According to Google, this is the best route… But what does Google know?

Mission Mongolia – Finding a Vehicle

3rd April 2017

So Mission Mongolia had been born but now to find a vehicle to complete this adventure…

GoHelp operate a number of projects in Mongolia. They have run ambulance schemes to provide emergency medical transport across the capital, they have run mobile libraries to deliver reading material to remote families and some other great projects too.

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Mission Mongolia
Go Help Using a donated vehicle as a mobile library

Mission Mongolia Is Born

31st March 2017

I have been obsessed with central eurasia since I was a child. There is a big wide gap from Ukraine (or arguably further West) all the way to China. There is a great big gaping hole in the map. Since I was young, with the globe I inherited, I used to stare at this gap and wonder what was there. As I span the globe back to Europe, there are no barriers. No high mountains, no wide oceans, nothing…So it must be possible to drive to China?

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Mission Mongolia Crew
Our crew from left it’s Luca, Me, Kylie and Scott

Malta in March … My Malta Review

23rd March 2017

I still have no idea why I suggested Malta, but here is my Malta Review.

At the time, following a previous holiday where BA Late Deals had messed up our Dubrovnik trip, we had some BA credit to use up and for some reason, I thought Malta would be an interesting trip to spend it on. After succumbing to the seamless marketing of VisitMalta, Kerrie agreed it would be worth a visit.

We flew from Gatwick to Malta with British Airways and landed in the Maltese capital of Valetta (more on Valetta later). We arrived to one of my typical ‘no one’s ever heard of them’ car rental desks…

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Malta Review
Valetta Street Musician, Malta

Lake Bled, Slovenia

19th March 2017

I must have looked at over twenty destinations in my search for our perfect February break.

We had four days ideally, had to be a reasonable cost, had to be within a few hours flight and I wanted to fly from Gatwick – an easy criteria for Europe in February.

I searched for ways to convince Kerrie of each place I found and she was indifferent to my excited pitch about what there was to do in each place until I showed her a picture of Lake Bled.

When she said ‘We have to go there!’, I immediately booked flights before she could change her mind!

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Slovenia Review
My own, unedited photo…